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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chatter from Texas: Rain Barrels

Chatter from Texas: Rain Barrels: "Two years ago, my husband, the gardener and flower grower, decided that he would make an effort to save water during our hot Texas summers. ..."

I have been wanting to do this ever since I bought my own house. I want to save water, and resuse and recycle whats naturally coming to the ground. Sort of a way to say Hey mother nature...THANKS!

I got my internet back up and running last night. I hope to be giving you a new post before the ends of the day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well its getting better :)

I knew things would get better but sometimes its hard to imagine. Right now I have found that I have some amazing friends who are sitting on a lot of junk they would LOVE to give away! So I have already aquired 2 TV's bigger than my old ones, and 2 new computer monitors from my mother's work. Now I just have to remember that I need to bring in my internet modem and hope that the router survived the lightning incident.

So i see I have 5 followers now I am totally psyched about it. Tonight's blog was going to be all about my good friend's Zazzle shop. Because I am at my mother's house and her PC is not what Id like it to be there isnt much room for me to be doing a lot of clips and reviews. I promise though that I WILL do a full preview and how to on it very soon.

For the mean time...check it out. He really has some uniquie and cool items on there.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To my followers, and friends....

I am only able to post as anonymous. For some reason (known issue to BlogSpot) I cannot get it to Log me in and give me the ability to post a comment, it just keeps taking me back to the log in page....*pulls hair out*.

So let this be known. I will post my gratitude and MY comments here:

Hello-Theresa V

I really truly made a full on attempt to post this on your blog, but for some reason it only would let me put it in as anonymous. I don’t want that, so I am currently following you, but cannot post to your blog as myself!

My response to your comment is this:

I really truly believe that everyone has the ability to make something. Whether it is a dress, a toy, a car or a home, we all have that in us to create and sustain ourselves. I am blessed with the ability to have the right tools to transfer that creativity into something. I want to pass that privilege along to others that haven’t yet found that creative outlet, only because they can’t afford to, or have never been given a chance. I want to be their "tool" in a sense so that they too can create and sustain.

Theresa! I love your Etsy shop, and I like your blog post today. I too do a little bit of everything and I can confirm there is definitely NOT enough hours in the day! I am now a follower!

Thanks for your recognition you provided on my page as well!

Man how I love lighting but hate it's effects...

So it must have been Friday or Saturday when St Louis, MO had a few good storm days in. I came home to sit down and blog. I first wanted to turn on the TV in my office to have a music channel on behind me. Well the TV wouldn't come on. Then I turned on my computer, and couldn't see my screen very well as it had a PINK and a GREEN stripe down either side of the screen. After it loaded up I went to go to the blogspot website, my internet was not connecting to the internet. I went to the living room to check on the TV, to see if the cable was working or not. That TV wouldn't turn on. I was very frustrated. Later to find out my deductable is over $1100.00, which I do not have, so nothing will get replaced. Thank goodness for mom's and thier computers for blog posting :)

So that night I went to sew something when nothing else worked. Thank goodness my machine is purely mechanical...and not very electrical. I made a cover for a handheld video game called a PSP. Well since i have no computer, and no USB cord for my camera and my mom doesnt have a card reader I cannot show beautiful readers....any of the work i have done in the last week!

I promise I will get a new internet modem from work (I work for the cable co) and see if I can upload tomorrow night.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to my ~Twinaries~ blog!

Wow so many changes in one week! So I have been doing a lot more sewing lately and decided it was time to build a blog for people looking to read about the art of sewing. My goal is to ultimately give out the knowledge that people need to empower themselves so they can sew, learn to sew or simply learn something new. My store ~Twinaries~ is just in the very beginning stages. I figured if I could spread the word about my shop, as well as the sewing/crafting knowledge I have, this blog might actually be an exciting adventure!

I seek your comments, and critique's as this blog evolves.I look forward to you sharing your ideas and visions with me. If you have questions or would like me to feature something of yours please let me know. If you have something you want to make but don't know where to start let me know and we can do it together VIA this very blog. I will always be sharing my tips and tricks, as well as other's tips (of course there will be links to their pages as well).

Before I go for the night I wanted to let you all know what the Support Teaching Kids to Sew is all about.
I am regularly grazing the craigslist ads and posting ads for broken or old sewing machines. I have even gotten a few with the freecycle program in my area. I fix them up and help teach kids, who cant afford a machine, to sew. This is a great program, and the Kids love it! Ill try to get some pictures of them soon!

I look forward to taking this journey with you! Welcome to my Blog!